Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 22 - Empire of the Sun -Fringe- Blood cord

This past show featured:

Sabrina's Secret Stash on the Aussie based band Empire of the Sun...check out their web-site:

Zeke reviewed this year's edition of the Fringe Festival in Montreal, here's a link to their site:

For soon -to-be mothers , Health Matters talked about cord blood banks. Did you know the blood in umbilical cords can treat lukemia and other cancers?


Podcast time!

Green Planet Monitor : Episode 8 excerpt on pesticides on roses in Ecuador. Note the excerpt on fair trade coffee in Rwanda from the same episode will be aired on this upcoming monday's show after 8:30am!

Web-site: and through

Music aired: Theoretical Girl (, Royal Arche
(, The Answering Machine ( , The Juan Maclean (, The Sugars ( & Marc Gelinas ( & please check out the tribute page, he was a beautiful singer & song-writer , we were very lucky to have met and hung out with him. He performed an acoustic set in the studio in the summer of 2007. One day I'll be able to find the archives of that day but in the meantime be graced by his music & spread the word!)

Coming up tomorrow ... yours truly will be talking about the SWAP party and two interactive projects brought on by a Bulgarian artist after 8:40am tomorrow. In the first hour sabrina's secret stash is still a secret to me but Zeke's art review will be on Articule 's latest outdoor exhibit. Hope you enjoy the show , write to us here or our email :

'Til next week!

Liz :-)

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